About Us

Wally Living is a tech enabled vertically integrated real estate company that set out to build stunning homes for a new generation of homeowners. We feel that you should be able to break free of the apartment complex and get a new smart home with stunning design and craftsmanship, without the hassles and expense of a mortgage. This is why we launched Wally Living, “It’s a Wally!”

We build modern Wally smart homes, in desirable neighborhoods all across the region, centered around mass transportation, schools and quality of life, and offer them to millennials for the lowest cost barrier to home ownership. We pack the homes with stunning kitchens and bathrooms, custom walk-in closets, state-of-the-art technology, marble, hardwood, and open floorplans. After 16 years, the house is yours! No mortgage, down payment, or fuss. It’s that simple.

How Do I Get A Wally

Contact us and we will tell you where there is a Wally planned in your area. Then tour our digital showroom and secure your Wally with just a signature.

Or, send us the zip code where you want to live, and we will tell you if its feasible, what the cost will be, time frame, and present a 3-d model of your new home.  We use a specific formula and an array of data points, focusing on things like the cheapest homes in the most expensive parts of the desired neighborhood, to determine purchase and remodel, or new construction. Once agreed, we will secure and build your new Wally.

It's A Wally

Wally’s exacting standards in residential construction date back to 1971 when our founders Grandfather began building homes, expanding from New Jersey, to Florida and the Caribbean. 45 years later, the tradition of superior craftsmanship and transparency is the cornerstone of Wally Living.

Our Commitment

Wally’s visionary approach to residential development is based on the fundamentals of new urbanism. Wally is committed to meeting the demands of the current housing market while creating a premiere lifestyle for residents.

Wally creates a portfolio of residential real estate assets utilizing technology and focusing on family and developing an ecosystem of progression that produces cash flow. Wally offers the lowest barrier to free and clear home ownership, while enabling residents to build equity.

Wally Living is actively seeking single family and multi family land acquisition opportunities with the following specifications. Site Parameters: Transit-oriented, urban infill or rural properties. Value added opportunities: Properties with upside potential through repositioning, change of use, rehabilitation or redevelopment. Environmental: clean or impacted..