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Wally Living is looking for single family homes in areas surrounding central business districts. We are not some bandwagon iBuyer charging you 6,7,8 or even 9% “for the privilege” of purchasing your home. Nor are we some underpass cash buyer sign praying on the distressed. We pay fair market value and save you the hassle of listing and thousands in real estate fees and never charge you a dime.

How Does It Work?

Simply text us your home address with no obligation.

We'll crunch the data and ensure your home fits our criteria

Receive a fair market offer using a comparative market analysis

Schedule your FREE home inspection to verify condition.

Choose your closing date from 5 - 60 days after accepted offer

We'll take it from there. We handle the closing process and you receive cash on your chosen closing date.

Super simple!

So sell your house today! Click here to start with no obligation. And save thousands in real estate agent fees, and months of hassle.