What Is The Cost

Your monthly payment covers move in, maintenance, and repairs*. Utilities are additional. And after 16 years – you own it!

No need to save years for a hefty down payment, or pay thousands in fees and interest. Plus you build up equity just by making your monthly payment, which you can use toward your next home. Your Equity comes from a credit of $500 per month that is awarded to you.

Now, what about the age old argument, “with a mortgage, I would own my home”. Well let’s take a deeper look into that mentality. First of all, you don’t own the home unless you pay cash for it. But like most of us, you will need a mortgage, and that means the bank really owns your home.

Lets Break It Down
  • First,

  • lets assume the average mortgage needs a $50,000 down payment and another $10,000 in fees, for an average monthly mortgage payment of $1,800. Then property taxes of roughly $1,200, and your total monthly owe is $3,000.
  • Second,

  • lets say in 10 years you wanted to sell, with inflation and average increase in property value, assuming you spent the thousands in upkeep and modernizations you would have to, in order keep the homes value, your house may be worth $385,000. 
  • Then,

  • you list it and sell 4 months later for $380,000. Now you owe the real estate agent ($22,500), taxes ($2,000), balance on the mortgage ($294,640), and closing fees ($1,500). You’re left with $59,360. Subtracting the $60,000 you dropped to get the mortgage, you’re actually $640 in debt by “owning your own home”. That’s after tens of thousands of dollars spent on maintenance, and repairs. 
  • Finally,

  • with Wally, there is no need for a huge down payment, no property taxes, no upkeep, no maintenance or repairs*, and the equity you built up paying your rent for 10 years, would be $60,000! Or stay another 6 years and own your home outright! With a mortgage, it would take another 20 years until you actually owned the home. If you ask us, it’s a no-brainer.

Can I Afford A Wally

The best rule of thumb: your pre tax combined or total annual salary is 40 times your monthly payment. So if your combined or total annual salary is $160,000, then you can afford to spend $4,000 per month ($160,000/40 = $4,000 per month).

The average Wally is $3,999 down and $3,999 a month*. With the $500 per month of equity credit you earn, you’re really only paying $3,499 a month for your modern smart home. Plus with WallyShare, you can rent out your home for up to 28 nights per year and earn cash! 

Cost To Real Ownership:


Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 3:

Year 4:

Year 5:

Year 6:

Year 7:

Year 8:

Total Paid | Equity Earned

$51,987 | $6,000

$48,468 | $12,000

$48,952 | $18,000

$49,441 | $24,000

$49,935 | $30,000

$50,434 | $36,000

$50,938 | $42,000

$51,447 | $48,000


Year 9:

Year 10:

Year 11:

Year 12:

Year 13:

Year 14:

Year 15:

Year 16:

Total Paid | Equity Earned

$51,962 | $54,000

$52,482 | $60,000

$53,007 | $66,000

$53,537 | $72,000

$54,072 | $78,000

$54,612 | $84,000

$55,158 | $90,000

$55,710 | $96,000

Including 1% yearly inflation increase.

If you find that your total income is not 40 times your monthly payment, but you know that you can manage it anyway, consider applying with a guarantor.

Price could be less or more depending on neighborhood, homes size, customization, property taxes and local expenses.

Maintenance and repairs does not include excessive use, human ruin, or manufacturer defect.