Wally Homes

Wally Homes are designed for responsive living, where the millennial resident is very interested in spaces that can be used for activity, and homes customized to their liking. Wally homes are designed to be multi functional allowing residents to transition them into what they desire. Residents enjoy standard features such as walkability in family friendly urban environments, outdoor space to entertain, turnkey living, and quality construction.

Technology Packed

Modern design complements technology with homes equipped for automated living with such features as high speed wiring, remote activated locks and lights to control who gains access to your home, and lower energy bills with total lighting control. Wifi and entertainment pre wired homes for state of the art multi room systems, featuring USB ports conveniently located throughout for easy charging. Programmable thermostats, tankless on-demand water heater, low flow toilets, smart irrigation, and high efficiency lighting, all work together to create a smart home that lowers your bills.


Homes are designed with an open floor concept enabling residents to reinvent spaces with minimal work. Outdoor flows indoor with large pocket doors, and kitchens flow into the living becoming entertainment centers.


Home designs are timeless but reflect regional preferences, designed by area architects to create stunning modern residences with bold finishes that pay homage to local design. Landscaping works to create optimal curbside appeal, while conserving water and complementing the architecture of the home.