Extreme Transparency Guarantee (ETG)

Wally Living is founded on the principal of building value for our customers by instilling top quality craftsmanship and maintaining a reputation of getting the job done on time, and on budget. Each job we do is a feather in our cap. As such, we wanted to come up with a way to effectively communicate with our clients to avoid issues that plague lessor firms, to continue our quest of building the best damn construction firm out there – “It’s a Wally!”

We do this with our Extreme Transparency Guarantee (ETG). The ETG shows you where every penny is allocated to and utilizes our relationships to get clients the best prices. Additionally, we anticipate changes and work with our customers to ensure there is no miscommunication at any point in time. The entire process of each project is presented before we begin work, to ensure that we eliminate headaches, and delays, presenting you with milestone calendars, detailed payment schedules and even a bio of each worker on site.

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